Client Speak
“At HDFC ERGO we pride ourselves on providing absolute customer delight. We are using advanced Artificial Intelligence for meaningfully upgrading our customer experience. Perceptiviti’s cutting edge Artificial Intelligence platform, Sherlock is a step in that direction. Sherlock helps us in efficiently processing claims and reducing the time for processing and investigating claims. The platform pays for itself in a short period of time and helps us to stand firm beside our customers when they need it the most”
– Col. Sujeet Sinha, EVP & Head – RLMU & CMT




Sherlock is a Software as a Service platform and works on the most secure cloud infrastructure. It is provided in a Highly Available manner to allow your business to function without interruptions


Micro Services

Sherlock’s underlying design is based on a Micro-Services Architecture. Resulting high architectural flexibility allows Sherlock to rapidly deploy newer innovations and always help you stay ahead of the curve
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Simple Integration

Sherlock’s simple APIs allow easy integration with your internal systems and works in a near plug-and-play fashion. The integration and go-live time could be as little as one week to a maximum of twelve weeks, so you can start deriving the RoI rapidly.



Sherlock provides incredible insights and data visualizations. These visualizations help the business teams further feedback interesting insights in product design and delivery, thereby compounding benefits of the platform

Perceptiviti’s Sherlock platform offers a secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure that provides a simple RESTful API based integration point to ensure the sharing of critical data to and from any source system. Getting started with Sherlock is simple, integrate your core claims application using simple easy to use integration guides. Most organizations are able to get started with Sherlock with just a few hours to a few weeks of engineering effort.

Sherlock’s AI algorithms require access to significant quantities of high-quality data in to effectively detect and prevent fraud. The quality of the results you see are directly in-line with the quality of data shared with Sherlock.

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